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Is Sharp’s New Quattron TV Really 4D?

Sharp USA is advertising what they are billing as a 4D TV, the Aquous Quattron. 4D, in the case of the Quattron, translates into the addition of yellow into the normal color spectrum of just red, green, and blue or RGB. Quattron, part of the Sharp Aquous Brand of LCD screen TVs, sports a smart design, at 1.6″ thin, in 40-59″ models available on their website. All models support full 1080p hi-definition along with the revolutionary four-color technology. With yellow thrown in the mix, tv viewers will be able to watch their favorite shows in truer colors than ever before. Think of it is HD on steroids, without the negative side affects, of course.

Other LCD TV makers have introduced 3D televisions to the consumer market. Samsung offers a 3D TV bundle, complete with GD glasses and a copy of Dreamworks film, Monsters Vs. Aliens shot for 3D. Many more films are being released in movie theaters across the country that are shown in 3D or IMAX (Avatar, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Monsters vs. Aliens, to name a few.)LG hopes to control 25% of the global 3D TV market, which will likely see an influx of these sets as the shaky economic market settles.

In a bear economy, or even an indecisive bull economy, electronics retailers generally do not see the type of profits in home entertainment and television sales that they would in a more steady economy. Consumers can expect to see the new Quattron line the shelves of stores as soon as Holiday Season 2010. We are a customer driven economy that always wants the best, brightest, and newest toys. This will always drive technology to grow exponentially, or at least look like it from advertisements.

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