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Training kids to be smart about social media

Today social media is our second home, and we cannot think a day without it. There are many advantages and disadvantages of social media, and we have it under our control of how we are utilizing it. Still, it is often not, so we need to be smart enough to tackle the bad and progress in the good. Social media benefits are that we can instantly find anything we are looking for and find it under our requirements, such as the cheap essay writing service UK. 

Social media is the way of education, communication, business, and much more. So it is essential to introduce our kids to this facility but with some safety measures and it can be a good and a bad place at the same time. 

It is the parents, teachers, or guardians’ responsibility to make the kids aware of social media’s bad side when handing it to their kids. Today, kids are more into social media than playing outdoor activities or any other physical activities because it is technology. We cannot deny the attraction a technology has to pull anyone towards its facilities.

Smarter kids always make smart decisions, and it is only possible when their elders teach them how to do it. Let us look into the good and bad sides of social media:

Good sides of social media

  • Social media is helping kids to remain in connection with their family and friends.
  • Design or involve in creative activities 
  • Please communicate with the people who have good skills and interest the same as them
  • kids take part in competitions that are beneficial for their future

The bad side of social media

Cyberbullying is the worst side of social media even if you do not involve into something bad. Kids should be aware of it and smart enough to tackle this situation. Social media can be as dangerous as beneficial to us. 

  • In a survey, 17% of the teens state that unknown people try to contact them and blackmail them with different techniques.
  • Some surveys show that 30% of teens saw online advertisements that were not appropriate for their age. 
  • Some kids often receive requests in their social media profile by the strangers.
  • In social media, some people can also steal your photos, create a profile of your name and upload your pictures.
  • Some people send you links, and as you open them, you find that your account is not yours anymore. So the link was a hacking process. 

How you can teach your kids to be smarter on social media

There are so many ways that you can train your kids to be smart enough to save themselves from scams or predators online. First of all, you have to become a friend of your child before a parent or a guardian and then teach them. You must explain to them to think twice or concern an elder before entering into something suspicious. Tell them not to be friends with strangers and the most important step is to use the privacy settings before using social media.

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